Message from Peter MacKay, former Minister of National Defence

Canada’s Special Operations Forces members are in my estimation world class and second to none in what they offer when it comes to our security and defence interests, yet their story is seldom told & even less understood by our citizens. They represent our most significant and deployable military contribution when it comes to Global security. Our specially selected soldiers stand shoulder to shoulder in capability, lethality and effectiveness with those of our closest allies who operate in the most dangerous and deadly places. This respect and recognition among the world best in the SOF community is deserved and earned only at great cost and unwavering commitment. Most importantly, they are in the sacred circle of trust & confidence of this elite regiment of allied warriors who are tasked with the most challenging missions both at home and abroad. Similar to our Olympians in their adherence to excellence, training, performance, purpose & pride, minus the cheering public adulation. They seek none. Their accomplishments & medals are known only to a few.

Blackstone offers the men, woman & their families, who have served our country so valiantly & selflessly, a gathering point for support & re-enforcement. Their perseverance and dignity in an ever evolving and volatile world is an enormous burden to carry. I whole heartedly endorse their efforts & activities. Their service and sacrifice for Canada and Canadians has earned eternal appreciation & the debt and gratitude of a grateful Nation.

About Blackstone Association


Who are we:

Blackstone Association is an assembly of past and present military Veterans from Canada’s Elite Warrior Community.

Blackstone operates to support those members.

As a not-for-profit corporation, we are extremely adaptable in how we support our community. Life doesn’t always fall within nicely worded policies and we have built ourselves to be agile, flexible and responsive to the needs of our community.

We take pride in doing the right thing for our brotherhood and their families.


How we do it:

We endeavour to help our members through a variety of methods that include but are definitely not limited to: Peer support, Financial Assistance, Bursaries, Career Transitions, as well as Community and Professional networking.

As an independent entity, we work in conjunction with other organizations, civilian and military to support our membership.

We are a complementary Association to other veteran groups, we do not replace other bodies such as the V-42 Foundation, The Royal Canadian Legion and Wounded Warriors Canada. Rather, we aim to work collaboratively with them to meet the needs of our unique community.

We engage elite, like-minded civilian organizations and people to help our Association and its members navigate a range of non/post-military objectives.


Contact Us

To get more information about the Blackstone Association, or to join the association please contact: